When a Facelift Is More Than a Cosmetic Fix

You know the primary purpose of the facial rejuvenation procedure known as a facelift is to make you look years younger -- to turn back the effects of time. Of course these cosmetic effects are visible and measurable, but they aren’t the only impact of this surgery.

A facelift can restore your confidence and self-esteem, especially if you’ve grown to despise sagging skin, deep creases, and jowls. Dr. Jan Garcia Jr. of Plastic Surgery Arts Center in Webster, Texas, helps you create a newfound relationship with yourself through a facelift. The aging face that you no longer recognize is transformed into one that brings you joy when you look in the mirror.

Here’s what to expect with a facelift, and how the procedure can benefit you.

What is a facelift?

A facelift, also called a rhytidectomy, surgically restores a younger appearance to your face. During the procedure, Dr. Garcia pulls back a flap of skin on each side of the face, surgically alters the tissue below, removes excess skin, and stitches the incisions closed. 

The procedure alters the contour of the face to:

A facelift doesn’t halt the aging process, but can take years off and make you look younger for a decade or longer. The procedure may be combined with nose reshaping, a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, and laser skin treatments to give you an overall more youthful look. 

Who can have a facelift?

You don’t have to be a certain age to experience the benefits of a facelift. If you’re unhappy with the effects time has had on your face, it may be time for you to consider surgery. Though cosmetic injectables and laser treatments can correct mild and moderate wrinkles and lines, they aren’t a substitute for the effects of a facelift. 

What are the benefits of a facelift?

Yes, you’ll look younger after a facelift. Having fewer wrinkles and less sagging skin rejuvenates your appearance. These effects are cosmetic, but can have long-lasting effects on your self-esteem.

At work, you may feel more confident when giving presentations, pursuing a raise, or even vying for a promotion. A facelift can also make you feel more attractive to the opposite sex, whether that’s your spouse of many years or when you’re seeking a new relationship. 

A facelift is defense against the phenomena known as “ageism,” the bias some people have against people that appear “older.” Ageism means people assume you’re “out of the loop,” less productive, or less able bodied than younger people. 

While ageism is an unjustified prejudice, it’s a reality. A facelift helps you escape its effects so you don’t experience the loss of status and respect that comes with it. 

If you’re ready to explore the effects a facelift can have on your appearance and self-esteem, call Plastic Surgery Arts Center to set up a consultation or use the online tool to schedule. Dr. Garcia can help you explore all the possible procedures that will help boost your confidence.

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