Three Types of Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Gravity, exposure to the sun, genetics, diet, and lifestyle all affect how your skin responds to the years that pass. If you have wrinkles and creases, sagging skin, drooping jowls, or other features that show your age and make you feel less-than-beautiful, it’s time to do something about it.

At Plastic Surgery Arts Center in Webster, Texas, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Garcia, Jr. provides several advanced facial rejuvenation procedures to boost your look beyond what you can achieve with dermal fillers or Botox®. He shares three facial rejuvenation procedures that help brighten your eyes, erase a permanently sad and tired look, and tighten slack skin.

1. Facelift for sagging, wrinkled skin

If you have sagging skin, hollowed cheeks, and deep lines and creases that affect your confidence or the way people perceive you, a facelift may be the most effective facial rejuvenation procedure for you. You may have tried dermal fillers, but they just aren’t lifting the skin around your jowls and neck. Just about anyone at any age who is concerned about an aging appearance is a good candidate for a facelift.

No other procedure can lift loose skin and neck muscles in the way a facelift can. During the procedure, Dr. Garcia can also remove excess fat from under your chin and increase the tautness of the skin on your cheeks and forehead. The effects of your facelift should last for years with good skin maintenance.

2. Brow lift for a heavy brow

A sagging brow can appear to express permanent sadness or unhappiness that doesn’t reflect your true nature. Facial rejuvenation through a brow lift brightens your face above your eyes so you look refreshed and more youthful.

During a brow lift, Dr. Garci removes any excess, lax skin on the forehead and repositions your underlying muscles and tissue to lift a heavy brow. This makes deep creases disappear and smooths out your forehead. The procedure is performed with revolutionary, minimally invasive techniques on an outpatient basis. Recovery is relatively swift, and you can show off your new vibrant look within just a few weeks of your procedure.

3. Eyelid surgery for youthful alertness and better vision

Eyelid surgery helps if you have excess skin that covers the natural fold of your upper eyelids or that droops along the sides of your upper eyelids. The tissue can interfere with your vision and give you a sleepy, hooded look. Eyelid surgery can also correct excess skin and wrinkles on your lower eyelids or help fade bags and dark circles under your eyes.

Eyelid surgery opens up your eyes to completely rejuvenate your look. After the procedure, you no longer look weary and aged, but bright and alert.

When you come to Plastic Surgery Arts Center, Dr. Garcia sits down with you to discuss your primary aesthetic complaints. He helps you decide which facial rejuvenation techniques are best for you. Several can be combined to provide the best facial harmony and youthful effect.

Call the office or use this website to schedule your consultation. We’re available to help you with all of your facial rejuvenation and body-contouring needs, so you can look your very best and feel your most confident.

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