Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Weight Loss with Liposuction

You’ve diligently committed to diet and exercise and successfully dropped the pounds necessary to support a slimmer frame and healthier body. But achieving a healthy weight is different than achieving a contoured frame.

While liposuction is not a comprehensive weight-loss technique, it can remove fat from specific areas to streamline the shape of your body. At Plastic Surgery Arts Center in Webster, Texas, Dr. Jan Garcia, Jr. is an expert at performing liposuction techniques and helps you get rid of fat deposits that just won’t budge with conventional weight-loss strategies.

Remove persistent fat pockets

While creating a calorie deficit by eating less and moving more can use up fat stores on your body, you can’t dictate which fat stores are burned for fuel. Some areas just tend to hang onto fat more than others do. Liposuction can target these stubborn areas so you can fine-tune your weight loss to create a physique you’re proud to show off.

Smooth out those stubborn spots

Liposuction removes fat from just about any area – not just your midsection. While the belly is a common “problem” area, it’s not the only one that can hold onto fat even after your scale’s number has dropped.

Dr. Garcia can use liposuction to improve the look of your hips, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, calves, ankles, back, breasts, upper arms, and neck. The possibilities for a sculpted physique are astounding.

Get predictable results

Liposuction doesn’t just remove fat, it gives you predictable results. If you want to keep a more generous backside, but achieve slimmer hips, Dr. Garcia can help. Liposuction techniques give him control so you get the body you want. Of course, liposuction can’t change your genetic makeup, but it sure can put the finishing touches on what you have.

Be proud of your weight-loss efforts

Losing weight takes very real work and dedication. You want to be happy with what you see following the process. Even losing a moderate amount of weight can take time, but doesn’t mean you look exactly like you envisioned. Liposuction provides you with contouring that makes you proud of your efforts and makes your hard work worth it.

How liposuction works

Liposuction literally involves sucking away unwanted fat. Dr. Garcia places you under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of your procedure. Then, he makes a small incision (which leaves no scar) in the targeted area and uses an instrument to loosen up the stubborn fat.

A special device is attached at the incision point and literally suctions out the loosened fat. After the procedure, you’ll have some swelling for a few days, but you’ll notice the new contours almost right away. Depending on the area you had treated, you may be given compression garments to wear for a month or two to facilitate healing. 

Expect to be sore for a few weeks. Most people can return to work in a few days, however, and get back to normal chores and activity after two weeks.

If you’ve put in the work and lost the weight but still aren’t entirely pleased with your body, contact us at Plastic Surgery Arts Center. Call today or book online to learn your options for liposuction or other body-contouring procedures.

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