Lipectomy of Tummy Tuck: What Is Right for Me?

Lipectomy of Tummy Tuck: What Is Right for Me?

Plastic surgery procedures for the body increased by 63% in 2021. These include abdominoplasty — or a tummy tuck — and lipectomy. It’s no wonder. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, have a lingering pooch from having children, or experience body changes as you age, these procedures can help you get the toned midsection you desire. 

Know that having a plastic surgery procedure to tighten up your middle isn’t a shortcut to a more svelte abdomen. Once the skin has stretched and your muscles are damaged, diet and exercise alone won’t change your abs. 

Here at Plastic Surgery Arts Center in Webster, Texas, under the direction of Dr. Jan Garcia, we can help with a tummy tuck or lipectomy. Both procedures repair excess skin and tighten the underlying muscles, but they are very different procedures.

Here’s what Dr. Garcia wants you to know about each procedure and how to know which one is for you.

The focus of a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck focuses on refining the abdomen — specifically the area between the upper abdomen and the pubic area. Dr. Garcia removes excess skin, repairs and contours the abdominal muscles, and makes a new space for your belly button. The result is a flatter, toned-looking midsection.

The focus of a belt lipectomy

A belt lipectomy addresses a larger area than a tummy tuck. Dr. Garcia makes several incisions around your lower abdomen and above your buttocks to remove excess skin and fat all around the belly and the back. He’ll also repair any muscles in the area. 

The doctor stretches your skin back into place, subsequently lifting and smoothing the buttocks and thighs and creating a more toned, firm back and midsection. 

Which procedure should I choose?

Dr. Garcia helps you determine which procedure is right for you, based on the extent of excess skin you have and your goals. He’ll also take into consideration any muscle damage that requires repair. 

A tummy tuck is usually the best choice for people that have mild to moderate skin sagging, stretch marks, or damaged abdominal muscles. Your belly may have never bounced back after moderate weight loss or having a baby. Patients who are bothered by excess skin or fat at the belly because of aging are also good candidates for a tummy tuck.

A belt lipectomy is a more extensive procedure and is often recommended after weight-loss surgery or other significant weight loss. It removes the excess skin that stretched out to cover your larger frame. 

Whichever procedure you decide is right for you, know you’re in the best possible surgical hands at Plastic Surgery Arts Center. 

Qualifying for surgery

You are a candidate for a belt lipectomy or tummy tuck if you’re at or near your goal weight and have sustained it for an extended period of time. You should also be in good overall health and be a nonsmoker. Smoking and other tobacco use inhibits healing from surgery.

If you’re ready to schedule your consultation at Plastic Surgery Arts Center to learn more about lipectomy and tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedures, contact our office in Webster, Texas. Call us today or use the “book online” button on this website to request an appointment.

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