How Laser Therapy Can Enhance Your Skin

How Laser Therapy Can Enhance Your Skin

Exposure to the sun, aging, acne, and some lifestyle habits can leave your skin looking less than optimal. Do you want a smooth complexion, tighter skin, and a younger appearance without the invasiveness of surgery? Laser treatments offer a solution. 

Provided at Plastic Surgery Arts Center by plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan Garcia Jr., and a team of qualified professionals, laser technology improves your complexion, tightens loose skin, and eliminates discoloration from tattoos and spider veins.

How laser works

Laser technology uses light energy to remove old, worn-out cells and skin layers with absolute precision. In response to the laser treatment, new skin cells form. Your body also produces more collagen and elastin after laser treatment. These compounds are critical to your skin’s strength and integrity. More collagen and elastin means smoother, more evenly toned skin.

Laser energy can also be programmed to target unwanted hair or pigmentation. Dark hair follicles absorb the heat energy and can no longer produce hair as a result. Pigment in sun spots, birthmarks, freckles, blood vessels, and scars absorb the energy and shatter. Your body then eliminates the waste naturally.

Laser therapies may be done exclusively or combined with other treatments, including surgery or Botox® and fillers, to give you a comprehensively enhanced look. 

Skin concerns we can treat with laser therapy

We provide laser technology that can be adjusted to treat so many different skin concerns. Dr. Garcia may suggest a series of sessions to fade sun damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and diminish darkly-pigmented scars. 

Laser treatments aren’t only for your face. They can remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere on your body. Specific wavelengths can also zap away spider veins on the legs or tiny broken blood vessels on your face, chest, or arms. 

The laser therapy process

Laser treatments are performed right in our office at Plastic Surgery Arts Center. Dr. Garcia may recommend a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment, depending on the intensity of the laser treatment you’re undergoing and the area to be treated.

Your technician uses a handheld applicator or wand to deliver the laser energy. During treatment, you will feel heat and tingling — somewhat like the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. Most people find the treatments tolerable.

You may experience a few days or weeks of redness and skin flaking or peeling, depending on how deeply the laser therapy penetrated. We give you comprehensive pre- and postcare instructions so you can get the most out of your procedure. 

Dr. Garcia usually recommends a series of treatments for you to get optimal results. This is especially true when you undergo nonablative laser treatments that penetrate less deeply and require little downtime. Once your series of treatments is complete, however, the results last a long time. 

Laser therapy should always be performed by highly trained, qualified professionals like those at our office. When it comes to your skin, you don’t want to skimp on quality or expertise. At Plastic Surgery Arts Center, we have the experience necessary to provide you with the best laser services for a wide variety of skin concerns. 

Call today or use the “book online” button on this website to schedule your consultation at our office in Webster, Texas, and find out how laser therapies can enhance your look. 

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