Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back With a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a customized combination of body contouring to undo the unwanted effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nothing compares to the experience of motherhood, but you can enjoy this amazing role while feeling good about yourself.

At Plastic Surgery Arts Center in Webster, Texas, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Garcia Jr. tailors a mommy makeover to your needs. He can help you get rid of lingering pockets of fat, lift sagging breasts, or slim a poochy tummy. 

He shares more about a mommy makeover and why it might just be the approach you need to restore your body -- and your confidence.

What’s involved in a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover isn’t a set procedure. Rather it’s a catchall term for a collection of procedures that enhance a woman’s physique after pregnancy. A mommy makeover can revitalize the look of your breasts, abdomen, waistline, thighs, and buttocks. 

When you sit down for a consultation with Dr. Garcia, you can raise all of your concerns about your body shape. He can explain the various procedures that could be part of your mommy makeover, including:

You’ll end up with a body more like it was before pregnancy, but don’t underestimate the other positive effects of a mommy makeover in terms of improved confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

Why should I consider a mommy makeover?

Having a baby shouldn’t make you feel less than beautiful. A mommy makeover helps you look your best and feel good about yourself. 

While a healthy diet and routine physical activity can help you stay healthy and lose the excess baby weight, these strategies don’t always help your body recover from childbirth. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch out your skin, lead to drooping breasts, leave you with weak abdominal muscles, and cause fat pockets to develop and linger long after pregnancy. 

No amount of deprivation or exercise can do what a mommy makeover can for refining your body. Dr. Garcia removes excess skin, rebuilds muscles, restores breast perkiness, and reshapes your curves in a way that diet, exercise, and time can’t.

Now, if you aren’t sure you’re done having children or you have not yet reached a healthy weight after your pregnancy, it’s probably not yet time for your mommy makeover. We want your results to look good for the long term. 

How extensive is the recovery after a mommy makeover?

How your recovery goes after a mommy makeover depends on the procedures you had performed. In general, it can take a few weeks for your incisions to heal and any residual swelling to resolve. When you and Dr. Garcia create your mommy makeover plan, he can give you detailed instructions regarding postsurgical care and when you can expect to return to your normal activities. 

You know you love motherhood, but you don’t necessarily love what it’s done to your body. That’s OK -- Plastic Surgery Arts Center can help. If you’re ready to get started on a mommy makeover, call today or use this website to request an appointment.

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